Pharma start-up chooses Veeva Systems CRM

Avidas Pharmaceuticals LLC, a start-up company focusing on pharma products for dermatology, women’s health and endocrinology, has tapped Veeva Systems as its CRM provider.

Dan McCall, Avidas’ COO, said he chose the VBioPharma SaaS CRM application after researching many provider options. Veeva’s affordability and scalability — both important traits for a start-up — won him over. Avidas’ sales reps also liked the system’s ease of use, McCall said.

“We are a start-up, so we wanted something with scalability,” McCall said. “They have a system that continually improves itself by accepting modifications to our program and a software platform that continually improves with time and usage, so we get the benefits of best practices from a lot of different companies. That lets me be efficient without a lot of overhead. Another thing [I like about the system] is the functionality you get. Some of the basic services you enroll with include reporting and analytics that you don’t have to purchase extra or create yourself, so I think that’ really efficient.”

Veeva’s VBioPharma CRM will provide Avidas with contact management for its physician accounts as well as a database of prescription information. Avidas’ clients are based mainly in dermatology, plastic surgery and medical spas.

A year ago, Avidas had only one sales rep. The company is now up to 25 and has plans to grow to 45 soon. McCall said the goal was to reach 70 reps and to continue growth through partnerships with pharma companies focused on primary care. Avidas is also growing its cosmeceutical arm internationally, though its core focus and prescription business is in the US.

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