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Pfizer: Revamped Benadryl Site Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Pfizer Inc. has begun an online marketing campaign to promote the newly relaunched BenadrylUSA.com and this year's version of the Benadryl Allergy Alert Tool.

Created by New York-based interactive agency 141XM, the campaign aims to spur downloads of the alert tool while positioning BenadrylUSA.com as a resource for allergy sufferers.

“The purpose of taking the Web site and Benadryl Allergy Alert Tool to the next level was to extend the partnership the brand has established with consumers online with both the site and tool,” said Jennifer Johnson, managing director for North America at 141XM.

Media buys include a keyword test on search engine Google, banners on Pollen.com and pollen e-mail alerts to 500,000 consumers on the BenadrylUSA.com database. Carat Interactive, New York, handles media.

Two e-mails went out in the first three weeks of April, targeting prior allergy alert tool users, identified allergy sufferers and those interested in allergy-related content.

In addition, a coupon was e-mailed to 2001 and 2002 Benadryl Allergy Alert Tool users and registrants, encouraging them to upgrade to the new tool and research the latest site content.

“Future e-mail campaigns are scheduled throughout the allergy season through September, and the Web site will be supported in the brand's print advertising and consumer promotions,” said Justine Pujo, project manager at 141XM.

The new Benadryl site is more than a product-related site. Consumers not only can visit for pollen and weather forecasting, they can use the alert tool for a one-day snapshot.

As part of the makeover, the tool was given a new visual for better usability and added functionality. The usability in particular was improved by better legibility, easier data entry and more intuitive navigation.

Busy consumers are offered immediate pollen range and temperature information for their chosen default location and ZIP code lookups on every data screen for business travelers who change destination frequently. A new composite screen also shows detailed pollen and weather information for the day.

BenadrylUSA.com was made more graphical and interactive. New content features include an interactive home in Flash. Users can roll over the house image and discover information on where allergens lurk with tips on what can be done to decrease such exposure.

Among the site features are more content on seasonal allergies, more branding messages on Benadryl products, expanded allergy alert tool information, tips and promotions on various pages.

Such revamps are routine in the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical business as people steadily migrate to the Web for health-related information. Though it is sold over the counter, a brand like Benadryl must compete with non-prescription Claritin and prescription rivals, including Singular and Flonase.

“The way we overcome that challenge is by offering an immediate benefit that also embodies the product, and Benadryl's all about efficacy and convenience because it's OTC as opposed to prescription,” said Greg Smith, executive vice president and head of media practices at Carat Interactive.

BenadrylUSA.com relaunched April 1, so initial results still are being collected.

“Last year's online program resulted in over 200,000 Benadryl Allergy Alert Tool downloads,” Pujo said.

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