Pfizer Names Penn Garritano For Vaccination Program

Pfizer Inc.'s animal health division has named Penn Garritano to handle direct response marketing for its SelectVAC vaccination program for cattle.

Four agencies pitched, including shops in New York, Wisconsin and Bloomington, MN. Colle + McVoy, Minneapolis, was the incumbent.

An umbrella brand, SelectVAC has sub-brands like PreVAC, WeanVAC, StockerVAC and YearlingVAC. These vaccine protocols cover all stages of development for a calf.

“Essentially, Pfizer is the only company with a complete vaccination program for cattle, and our mission is to promote this heavily to cattle producers and veterinarians across the country,” said Joe Garritano, president of Penn Garritano, Minneapolis.

A $3 million billings agency founded in 1999, Penn Garritano has clients like check printer Deluxe Corp., Lawson Software, National Geographic and NetPerceptions. Billings on the new Pfizer account were not disclosed.

Tactics planned for Pfizer include print and radio advertising, direct mail, online marketing, extranet and public relations. All ads will be coded or tagged and measured for their ability to attract response.

“We're communicating with two distinct markets: the cattle producers and the veterinarians that the producers rely upon for vaccinating their herds,” Garritano said.

“We know that, from past experiences, direct response is the most effective way of communicating to both audiences,” he said. “And for the veterinarian market, aside from peer review journals, direct marketing is the most effective means of announcing new, more effective treatments.”

Creative will incorporate branding work done last year by Colle + McVoy. The campaign breaks Jan. 1.

“The theme of our creative is that Pfizer offers the industry's premier performance program backed by a written assurance of satisfaction,” Garritano said. “When it comes time to sell your calves, only one thing really matters — it's the value of the calf on the open market — stockers, feeders and finishers.”

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