Peters: It's About Opportunity, Not Customer Service

ASPEN, CO–Business guru/speaker Tom Peters doesn't think people spend enough time doing the work they should be doing.

“No one's tombstone is going to read: 'He cleaned up some dupes in the database,'” Peters said at last week's Donnelley Privacy Summit.

Instead, he said, we need to concentrate on four things on a daily basis: innovate, re-imagine, adapt and prepare. “But how do you get this on the agenda if you're so damned busy doing everything else you do every day?” Peters asked.

It's not about customer service but opportunity.

“Why get out of bed in the morning unless your goal is to change the world,” he said. “We have the tools to re-imagine marketing and the idea of a truly no-bull customer-centric enterprise.”

And who should the United States be watching?

“Anyone who is not transfixed by China doesn't have any brain cells,” he said. “Every 26 minutes, another new factory opens in China. Every 43 hours another new foreign-owned research and development lab opens in China. In 2007, Chinese will exceed English as the dominant language on the Web.”

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