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Peter Thompson named CEO of G2 EMEA

Peter Thompson, co-founder of leading London-based ad agency Joshua G2, was promoted to CEO of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division of G2 Worldwide. The firm is part of Grey Global Group’s network of specialized advertising agencies.

He aims to promote integration of the 86 worldwide agencies in his region into a more unified network. To do this he will build on his experience as CEO of Joshua G2. Mr. Thompson said he realized the power and importance of collaboration.

“You can’t get answers in a complex marketing world out of one mind,” he said.

Mr. Thompson founded Joshua as a private company 20 years ago with former Managing Director Nick Spindler. The firm’s brand and heritage were strong enough to retain its name upon G2’s acquisition.

Mr. Spindler has been promoted to CEO of Joshua G2. In his new role at G2 EMEA Mr. Thompson will report directly to Joe Celia, worldwide chairman/CEO of G2.

A native of London, Mr. Thompson helped write a 15-part television series about the Battle of Britain titled “We’ll meet again.” Along with Mr. Spindler, he also wrote a song that made the finals of the Eurovision song contest, an annual event held by members of the European Broadcast Union and televised throughout Europe and other countries.

Mr. Thompson attributes his professional success to work experience. He left school at 17 to become a postal boy for local ad agency Promotional Marketing Ltd., London, and rose through the ranks to become managing director at 24.

Engaging both clients and G2 employees through a flexible business model and emphasis on communication are the main initiatives Mr. Thompson looks to implement during his tenure.

Some agencies in G2’s network focus on a specific aspect of marketing, such as Argonauten, one of Germany’s leading digital marketing providers. Others, such as G2 Paris, mirrored the model of Mr. Thompson’s former agency Joshua and provide a wider breadth of marketing services.

He said devices such as a series of staff-managed network-wide chat rooms for each area of occupation would improve organic communication across the agencies.

“Ultimately, I want to understand where I can deliver value to both clients and staff and get them both excited about being part of our network

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