Pet file available with Rubin Response

Rubin Response Management Services Inc. is managing the new-to-market Birds, Cats, Dogs, Etc. database, which is a combination of About High Income No Kids Pet Owners, About Kids with Pets, About Seniors with Pets and About Spanish-Speaking lists.

The entire database is comprised of 4,420,988 names at a base price of $95/M. The individuals listed are passionate about their pets. Names are from non-incentive Internet surveys and overlaid with Equifax data.

The database offers detailed information about pet owners who have responded to a survey about their hobbies and personal interests. Additionally, each record has been enhanced with several hundred data points to provide detailed demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and behavioral data.

These individuals are concerned with providing their animals with high quality food, toys, health products and accessories. They often pay top dollar to ensure their pets are receiving the best possible care. They rely on direct mail, online sources and retail outlets to fulfill their pet needs.

Survey responders are 38 percent male and 41 percent female with an average household income of $61,000.

These are primarily family environments: married couples with children 17 years or younger living in the home, with one or more family pet.

The files are selectable by birds, cats, dogs, state, ZIP code, additional interests, age and spending habits.

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