Personalized Content Helps Companies Stack the Deck in Their Favor [Infographic]

Content may be king, but personalized content trumps all. And while some organizations are all-in, others would rather fold.

According to the “Forbes Insights and PwC Content Survey,” a poll of 369 senior executives, there are three types of players in the personalized content game. First, there are the “explorers” who represent 67% of the survey population. These executives understand the value of delivering personalized content, but it’s not a core part of their marketing strategy. Then, there are the trailblazers, who represent a quarter of the respondents and consider personalized content a crucial component of their marketing strategies. Finally, there are the nomads, who represent 8% of the sample group. These executives don’t consider personalized content an essential element at all.

Even though there are a few wildcards in the mix, more than half (58%) of the respondents are enhancing their personalization capabilities by building up their data collection and analytics. Others are adopting a full-house mentality and having their product and brand marketing teams (46%) and their communications departments (41%) contribute to the content supply chain.

Don’t just settle for the hand you were dealt. Help your organization raise the stakes in personalized content. Check out the infographic below.

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