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Personalize Service With Streaming Media

Attention all of you doing business on the Internet. You're faced with the greatest challenge since e-commerce began. The biggest issue today is customer service — how to provide it; how to implement it and how to let your customers know that you care about their Web shopping experience.

If you're a small business owner, providing quality customer service presents opportunities to personalize your web business and to capture some of those shoppers who have been less than satisfied by your competitors. One of the ways to accomplish this is to make your customer service function highly visible and readily available to your visitors. How, you ask? Use streaming media presentations to guide shoppers through your site facilitating the ordering process and entertaining them at the same time.

The most frequently cited complaint among web shoppers is that they don't know the people “behind the counter.” They also complain that they often cannot find an address to write to or a phone number to call. Streaming media can easily help you to wipe out that objection. Liven up the site with a video that introduces your visitors to your “real, live customer service manager.”

We've all read the statistic that almost two-thirds of all shopping carts are abandoned before reaching the checkout line. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one is that the checkout process is too complicated and time consuming. What if you had a streaming audio that explained the ordering process right on your main page? It could be a welcome message to the visitor from the “store manager” who's eager to help the visitor have a hassle-free shopping experience. The audio could explain how to use the “store directory” to locate products, how to use your shopping cart and what to do when the visitor is ready to pay for his selections. You could even combine the audio with some explanatory graphics for a truly dynamite presentation that would help your shopper and entertain him at the same time.

What about your site's return policy? This is another big source of discontent among Internet shoppers. Have your “store manager” deliver another audio presentation that clearly states how and when you'll accept returns from your customers. The text detailing the policy can then be placed somewhere on the site as a link if the customer still wants to read the policy.

Do you sell a product that requires detailed instructions? The absence of a store level expert often causes Internet shoppers to hesitate when trying to purchase such a product. Why not have a simple instructional video that shows the customer how to assemble and use the product? You and your employees could demonstrate the assembly process and even set up some examples of key things to be aware of.

Video can also be used when demonstrating safety features. If you sell child safety seats, for example, why not have a video showing parents the proper way to install the seat in the family car?

Use video to teach your customers how to get desired results. If you sell home decorating supplies, put up a video showing how to paint walls to achieve that textured look. Make a presentation that shows the proper way to hang wallpaper. Not only will you be adding value for your customers, you'll be making your site a worthwhile place to visit.

Streaming media is a very effective and affordable marketing tool. In today's world, where consumers have more purchasing power and choices than ever before, it can be used to make your e-commerce site stand out from the crowd and give your customers benefits that can't be found elsewhere. And, benefits often turn into sales. So put on your thinking cap, and make your site customer friendly with streaming media.

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