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Personalization, privacy to boost mobile marketing in 2011: MMA

The Mobile Marketing Association has released its top 10 trends to watch in 2011. The biggest emerging trend next year: personalization and privacy will increase the effectiveness and credibility of mobile as a marketing channel, according to the MMA.

“The adoption of transparent, permission-based marketing along with the introduction of regulations and applications for blocking unwanted content will help overcome the perception that mobile advertising is nothing but spam,” the MMA said in a statement. “Mobile will be the only truly conversational and measurable medium that can lead to an actual, real-time increase in business-to-consumer transactions.”

The MMA also predicted a resurgence in the use of mobile devices running the Windows 7 mobile operating system. The organization also said that mobile micropayments will allow customers to more easily pay from their “electronic wallets” rather than their debit or ATM cards.

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