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Personalization Group Supports Privacy Guidelines, Audits

Advocacy group Personalization Consortium issued privacy principles for the personalization industry that it claimed will be enforced within the organization through independent third-party privacy audits.

“Our intent with these principles and the auditing guidelines is twofold: first, to provide an instructional template to help companies devise and communicate their own privacy policies; and second, to enable them to follow a set of verifiable auditing guidelines when commissioning a third-party audit,” Don Peppers of Peppers and Rogers Group, co-chairman of the consortium, said in a statement.

While the principles include the four widely touted fair information practices of notice, choice, access, and security, they also expand upon them.

Some of the additional guidelines specify that members only collect necessary data, obtain informed consent prior to collecting sensitive data and submit to annual privacy audits.

According to Personalization Consortium, impartial third parties will perform audits. It plans to release guidelines and procedures for the audits this spring.

Founding members of the Personalization Consortium include 24/7 Media, American Airlines, BroadVision, Chell Merchant Capital Group, DoubleClick, eCustomers Inc., Elity Systems, E.piphany, eSupplies.com, Frequency Marketing, !hey inc., I-Behavior, Individualize.com, Magnify, Nexgenix, NextClick, Peppers and Rogers Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Persona, Servicesoft, u1.net, Wheelhouse and YOUpowered.

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