Personalization 2.0: How to Create Individualized Experiences at Every Digital Touch Point

Personalization as you know it is dead—using rudimentary tools for targeting broad marketing segments is no longer enough to keep your customers happy and engaged. Savvy customers increasingly expect an individualized experience at every digital touch point: email, mobile and web. How successful would you be if you could give this experience to everyone, not just a fraction of your customers?

Getting this experience right is made possible by Personalization 2.0. Join guest speaker, Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research, as he gives you all the tools you need to stay abreast of the move to individualization. He will share examples of how leading marketing and retail organizations are breaking away from segmentation towards individualization and meeting the real-time needs of individual customers—and delivering measurable business results.

Join us as Brendan Witcher shares his insights into:

  • Why individualization is the new standard in the age of the customer
  • How to deliver real-time, personally-relevant messages your customers actually want
  • The importance of email as a ubiquitous, real-time channel
  • What process and technology steps organizations must take to enable Personalization 2.0

This webinar is a must for every customer-facing marketer. As a bonus, if you attend this webinar, coffee’s on us (qualified registrants will receive a $5 Starbucks card after the webinar)!

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