Perseverance Is About to Pay Off, Libey Says

WHITE PLAINS, NY — Keynote speaker Don Libey praised industry professionals who have persevered through “a very difficult two or three years” at yesterday's fourth annual MeritDirect Business Mailers Co-op & E-mail Marketing Conference here.

“Most of you persevered … and you are winning today because of it,” he said. “And those of you that pulled back, those of you who held onto the money, those of you who have no confidence … you are now running to catch up in your prospecting and you're two years behind.”

Libey is principal with Libey-Concordia, a direct marketing investment banking and advisory firm.

His look ahead for direct marketers was completely optimistic.

“You're going to be able to raise prices for the first time in about two to three years and actually have them stick without a competitive reaction,” he said. “Price and wage stability is occurring. You're not having to pay people a lot in terms of wage increases. Unemployment's at a level where the wage pressure has relaxed. People are balancing security for wage increase.”

The topic later switched to consolidation, which “is occurring.” The “bigs are getting bigger, and the littles are being sacrificed up to the bigs,” he said.

“We just came through a period of about three years where none of it really happened,” he said. “The money is now flowing.”

His voice rose while exhorting attendees to mail more.

“There is, ostensibly, anywhere from a two- to a six-year freeze on postage rates,” he said. “That is the greatest opportunity that you have been handed. You will never again in your life be able to mail cheaper than you can over the next … let's say, two years. You will never have cheaper postage rates again.”

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