PerformanceData's Jan Davis Replaces Jay Frank

Jan Davis, the group vice president and general manager of PerformanceData, Chicago, will assume the position of executive vice president of the company effective March 31.

Davis, 48, will replace Jay Frank, the senior vice president of PerformanceData, who is retiring after 26 years. PerformanceData is the target marketing division of credit giant Trans Union.

As executive vice president, Davis will be responsible for the PerformanceData Group as well as TU's insurance division., which provides online and batch credit reports to the insurance industry for underwriting purposes, as well as targeted lists to insurance companies that are soliciting for business.

TU's insurance division will move out of its current offices in TU's headquarters in Chicago, and will join PD at its Chicago location.

“For the PerformanceData and insurance divisions, there are some areas where we have complimentary functions — such as in the paperwork and monitoring and auditing of processes as a result of compliance issues and the Fair Credit Reporting Act — and I'm hoping that we can provide better service to our customers by having these two divisions located more closely together,” said Davis.

Davis, who began work in January 1997 at what was then Trans Union Lists, has been credited with helping turn the division around. During her tenure, Trans Union Lists was renamed PerformanceData, and it became a fully-functional business unit with sales, product development, marketing, operations and production departments.

“We've survived challenges by the FCC and the change in the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the fall of 1997,” Davis said.

The new Fair Credit Reporting Act, which took effect Oct. 1 , 1997, made it legal for the first time for insurance companies to use credit data for underwriting purposes, which allowed Trans Union to broaden its marketing opportunities.

Prior to working for PerformanceData, Davis was a marketing consultant in Warsaw, Poland. Among other projects, Davis launched a marking promotion for Gillette razors in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, which included saturation mail, radio, and print advertising. Davis also helped Home Depot set up telemarketing operations in Poland. Before that, Davis was vice president of new ventures at Customer Development Corp., Peoria, IL, and was a founder of SmartNames, a now defunct list and analysis company.

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