Pepsi Launches 'Super' Promotion on Yahoo

Pepsi is letting consumers choose which new 30-second spot featuring Britney Spears will be broadcast during the second quarter of the Super Bowl through an online campaign that launched this week on

This campaign builds on the concept for Pepsi's new 90-second spot, called “Now and Then,” which takes viewers through Pepsi's advertising history. As part of the effort, Yahoo will run the 90-second commercial on its home page simultaneously with its television broadcast during halftime of the football game. This will mark the first time that Yahoo has offered a streaming video commercial on its home page.

Pepsi and Yahoo also are hosting an auction and sweepstakes offering consumers the chance to own items Spears has worn during her Pepsi commercial shoots. The first phase of the auction began yesterday and includes items from Spear's 2001 “Rooftop” commercial shoot. The second phase, offering items from the “Now and Then” filming, begins at halftime during the Super Bowl.

Items available through the auctions include outfits and jewelry worn by Spears and autographed Pepsi products. Proceeds will support The Britney Spears Foundation, which supports children's causes.

On Jan. 31, Pepsi will take over My Yahoo and will be Yahoo's first advertiser to use a floating component in a “super banner” unit, which will contain Pepsi's logo and photos of Spears. On Feb. 5, Pepsi will debut an ad in which consumers can click on the top corner of the Yahoo home page to reveal another page inviting users to download an audio file of Spears singing the “Joy of Pepsi” song.

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