Peoplestreet Gets Slot in New Windows System

Peoplestreet, a company offering e-mail versions of business cards, will be one of the service programs featured in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system expected to be released in October, according to an announcement yesterday.

Microsoft, Redmond, WA, will offer Windows XP users a link to Peoplestreet that will appear in the catalog section of the menu that pops up after hitting the start button.

While Peoplestreet would not divulge what it dealt away in return for the slot, the midsize firm believes the exposure will increase its client list substantially.

“We are much more focused on the business-to-business side, so this relationship is perfect for us,” said Marie Presti, vice president of marketing at Peoplestreet, Cambridge, MA. “It gives us added revenue potential.”

Peoplestreet's LiveCard application allows firms to use e-mail versions of business cards for management and e-mail marketing. End-users can exchange LiveCards with colleagues or customers at

LiveCard also allows users to receive an automated notification when a business contact who uses the service changes employer or location. Users of the service can send updates to people in their address books.

While LiveCards will receive a big push at Windows XP, users who click on the link also will be introduced to Peoplestreet's Personalized Relationship Marketing Services package.

The suite of services allows electronic messages to be sent to recipients' address books without sending regular e-mail. The service involves getting customers to join a free program where they create an address book folder solely for receiving updates from a company.

E-mail campaigns can be designed so that a link helps recipients set up the address book folder. Companies then send electronic messages to recipients' folders, skipping the inbox.

Presti said the marketing potential of regular e-mail has declined because of mass proliferation. She added that, as an example, airlines could encourage their frequent-flier program members to track their miles using the feature.

“As a consumer, you could send me updates, promotions and special offers,” Presti said. “Or you can use it to communicate with me and make sure I am happy with my products.”

Presti said pricing for the services is based on usage and varies greatly.

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