Penthouse expands to TV

Penthouse Media Group Inc., publisher of Penthouse magazine, has partnered with New Frontier Media Inc. to distribute Penthouse-branded television content throughout the United States.

Through the exclusive agreement, New Frontier Media will develop and launch a Penthouse TV channel at within the next two years. The company will also start offering Penthouse Video on Demand within the next six months.

Executives at New Frontier, which already distributes seven adult pay-per-view channels, hope to make Penthouse TV available to 50 million households within a year after its launch. They have not yet decided whether Penthouse will be offered as an additional channel or as a replacement for an extant New Frontier channel.

Penthouse executives look forward to leveraging the New Frontier Media platform into broader revenue-making and branding ventures. Penthouse CEO Marc Bell said in a statement that the publishing group expects revenue of more than $10 million from Penthouse TV.

The Penthouse channel will showcase features from the print magazine, including Penthouse Forum, Penthouse Pets and VIP Club access. The channel will also show interviews, original programming, movies and product reviews.

Penthouse magazine reported a total paid and verified circulation of 370,409 as of June 30, 2007 û most of which was subscription-based.

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