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Pennsylvania Joins National No-Call List

Pennsylvania will merge its state no-call list with the national no-call list, adding 3.2 million phone numbers to the national list, state attorney general Jerry Pappert said yesterday.

The merger will be completed within 90 days. Adding the Pennsylvania list brings the national registry to about 60 million names, according to the Pennsylvania attorney general's office.

Pennsylvania will continue to enforce the list, though state residents also will enjoy the protection of enforcement from the Federal Trade Commission, Pappert said in a statement. The state held off on sharing its list with the FTC because of concerns that federal courts would hold the national no-call program unconstitutional.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in February ruled in favor of the national list, prompting the state to reverse its policy and add its list to the national registry. The American Teleservices Association continues to pursue an appeal of its constitutional challenge to the national list in the Supreme Court.

Idaho plans to add the 50,000 phone numbers on its state no-call list to the national list July 1. However, the Idaho attorney general has advised consumers to register for the national list immediately to prevent any gaps in no-call coverage.

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