Pegasystems, Acxiom Form Alliance

Pegasystems, Cambridge, MA, yesterday announced a strategic technology alliance with Acxiom Corp., Little Rock, AR, to deliver a multichannel customer relationship management solution that enables organizations to identify and support their customers with intelligent, consistent and superior service.

Pegasystems developed an integration connector between its eCRM Foundation Template — which allows customers to automate customer service transactions and drive customer interaction based on best-practice rules — and Acxiom's Solvitur4 — which offers real-time, multipoint customer data integration and data enhancement capabilities.

According to both companies, organizations using the connector will have a detailed view of the customer and guidance for the interaction, including information such as who is calling, what their history with the company is and how they should be serviced.

Acxiom's CDI software, AbiliTec, which enables CRM systems to more accurately and quickly create a single view of the individual customer across the business enterprise, powers Acxiom's Solvitur4 solution. Linked to Acxiom's business and consumer names and address database, AbiliTec can handle large-scale databases of hundreds of millions of customer records, providing enhanced CRM and greater accuracy in database marketing.

Alan Trefler, founder/CEO of Pegasystems, said the alliance would allow customers of both Pegasystems and Acxiom to “be more intelligently serviced. Regardless of whether your customer contacts you via the Web or via the telephone, companies with the connector will have a unified view of that customer that brings together an advanced, intelligent customer history with the ability to guide, automate and fulfill customer service needs.”

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