Patreon is Bringing CRM to Creators

Patreon, a platform where fans can directly support and pay their favorite content creators — is taking cues from the CRM powerhouse Salesforce by introducing CRM functionality to its platform. 

This new functionality will allow content creators who use Patreon to track who supports them, how much they paid, when they started paying, and, crucially, email addresses, TechCrunch reports

Patreon is calling this CRM platform Membership, and aims to fill the missing links between ad dollars, exposure, and creators by giving creators better tools to identify and reach their most loyal and supportive patrons; a goal many in the marketing world inherently share. 

“The financial mechanism that powers the web — the ad economy — is putting human creativity at risk,” Patreon founder and CEO Jack Conte said in the company announcement blog. “Creative people… are being systematically devalued and underserved by the unconscionable and inefficient systems that turn attention into dollars.” 

With the company expecting to send creators some $150 million in 2017 alone, the power of CRM in such an environment cannot be overstated, and is, quite possible, a game changer for creatives. 

“Membership is working. There are now thousands of stories about creators who are turning their dreams into realities on Patreon. From YouTubers to podcasters to webcomics and illustrators, it is now possible to use membership to build a viable business as an artist,” Conte said in the blog.

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