Parascript Offers Address Block Finder

Parascript LLC launched AddressLocator 1.0, a universal parcel processing solution that automatically finds the address block location on any image, regardless of style, image orientation, image scale or quality, country of origin or destination, or label type.

Yesterday's announcement came at the World Postal Business Forum's Post-Expo in Paris.

By automating the parcel portion of the mail stream, mailing agents can process greater volumes of mail more accurately and reduce manual data entry costs, Parascript said. Key features of the product include: advanced image preprocessing, region of interest location, and universality.

Advanced image preprocessing removes background noise from parcel images, automatically corrects skewing and processes images that are rotated or at random angles. The region of interest location feature finds and differentiates between address blocks and address labels. It also detects when an address is missing. As a universal solution, AddressLocator is compatible with pre-existing processing software, different languages and country-specific addressing standards.

Parascript also announced the availability of its flagship product, Parascript AddressScript, as a universal mail automation Optical Character Recognition for France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada.

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