Papa John’s pizza will deliver by text on Super Sunday

Papa John’s pizza will deliver by text on Super Sunday

As the Super Bowl nears, Louisville, KY-based pizza delivery franchise Papa John’s is targeting football fans this month with a new mobile marketing campaign.

The new “TEXTra Points 4 Pizza” promotion lets consumers win discount coupons via the mobile phone based on the number of points scored in the foot­ball games. The promotion began on the NFL’s wild card weekend on January 5 and runs through the Super Bowl on February 3.

“We launched [the] order by text[capability] last November and we thought that this would be a good way to get the word out about that and tar­get people during the football playoffs, which is a good time to eat pizza,” said Jim Ensign, VP of marketing communi­cations at Papa John’s.

If fans, ahead of the games, register to receive text messages from Papa John’s at its Web site,, or by texting “POINTS” to 47272, they will be signed up for the chance to win coupons on pizza at participating restau­rants throughout the playoffs.

The campaign is aimed at Papa John’s entire customer base which ranges in age from teens to baby boomers, but Ensign expects it to be most popular with the 15-35-year-old market.

For the wild card and divisional rounds, if the score of any playoff game totals 25 points or more, fans registered in the pro­motion will receive a text message from Papa John’s with an exclusive promo code worth 25% off the average national regular menu price of a large, three-top­ping pizza ordered online the following week. Beginning on Sunday, January 20, the challenge is for a game to score a cumulative 50 points in either game for contest participants to win 50% off the same three-topping pizza. For the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3, if the cu­mulative score is 75 points or more, fans registered for the promotion will receive 75%-off coupons to their mobile phone.

Papa John’s, which accepts deliveries online as well as over the phone, is hop­ing to sell 250,000 pizzas during the NFL post season and is using the campaign to gain visibility.

“The real key for Papa John’s is to provide a more convenient way to order out pizza, no matter what the medium,” Ensign added.

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