Papa John’s offers mobile Web-only ordering platform

Pizza chainPapa John’s will debut an ordering system allowing customers to complete the entire online ordering process — from applying for membership through ordering a pizza — on a mobile Web site.

The strategy behind this new offering “is to continue to cater to the wants of our consumer base,” said Bob Ford, director of online and emerging channels marketing at Papa John’s.

“Mobile ordering is becoming more and more popular every day, so it’s one more channel that we can offer to make it easier for customers,” Ford said. “If you offer the ability to do everything from account registration through to placing an order entirely on the mobile Web site, customers are likely to do everything with the mobile phone” as opposed to solely online, he added.

Papa John’s demographic ranges from kids to seniors. While the audience for the mobile Web ordering is skewed toward younger people, Ford said that “it’s really for anyone who uses the mobile phone” and noted that “[the mobile] audience is getting older every day, so it goes across all demographics.”

The pizza chain is preparing to promote the new mobile Web site later this summer, though no plans have been announced at this time.

When Papa John’s launched online ordering, it ran a text messaging campaign in conjunction with the Super Bowl. The “TEXTra Points 4 Pizza” promotion let consumers win discount coupons via the mobile phone based on the number of points scored in the football games. The campaign began on January 5, running straight through to the Super Bowl on February 3.

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