Panelists Offer Tactics to Avoid Spamming

NEW YORK — Two panelists from consumer and business-to-business spam filters discussed e-mail best practices yesterday as well as ways to avoid being flagged as spammers.

Michael Della Penna, chief marketing officer for Epsilon and Epsilon Interactive, moderated a conversation with Miles Libbey, anti-spam product manager at Yahoo, and Guy Lever, marketing director for Cipher Trust, in a session at the DM Days New York conference.

“E-mail is the fastest-growing marketing channel in the consumer space, and consumers do actually respond to relevant e-mail,” Mr. Della Penna said. “For this reason, it is important for marketers to create authentic e-mail and embrace best practices.”

Mr. Libbey discussed how Yahoo tracks and filters e-mail. Different people and different cultures define spam. So Yahoo measures on multiple factors: user reputation, message context, IP addresses and ISPs. Yahoo has created DomainKeys, software that tracks the domain path and IP address, authenticates the domain user and provides feedback loops for those e-mails reported as spam.

Despite strong filtering systems, 1 billion messages are delivered daily, so e-mail marketing is not going away. It is just becoming more refined.

Mr. Libbey offered best practices for e-mail marketers. One secret to getting in the inbox is consistency with traffic and the “from” address, he said.

Mr. Lever discussed Cipher Trust, an e-mail security provider for businesses, which filters e-mails. Cipher Trust uses Trusted Source architecture to measure mail to businesses. Like Yahoo, Cipher Trust measures authenticity based on frequency, hidden messages and persistence.

The No. 1 secret to getting in the inbox is consistency, they agreed.

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