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Package Scare Forces Lake Group to Evacuate

A mysterious package found in the main lobby of The Lake Group’s office headquarters in Rye, NY, forced employees to abandon the building earlier this afternoon.

The FBI was contacted, and a bomb squad brought in, but the small package turned out to be empty. The package along with a cassette tape was found in a planter in the main lobby, said Anthony Carraturro, sales manager at The Lake Group, adding that investigators confiscated the tape for examination.

The FBI closed off the three-story office building, at 411 Theodore Fremd Ave., and did not allow anyone to be within 600 feet of it. New York Life and MIT also have offices in the building.

“The package was empty,” Carraturro said at 2:45 p.m. “People are now allowed back into the building.”

Employees milling about outside heard rumors that the package had Arabic writing on it, but Carraturro said it definitely wasn’t Arabic, possibly Spanish.

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