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Pacific Trail Expects BTB Site to Reduce Calls

Outerwear manufacturer Pacific Trail launched a business-to-business Web site for its retailers this month to augment the work of its sales representatives and improve customer service.

“This site is not going to replace our current use of sales representatives,” said Todd Gilmer, marketing communications manager at Pacific Trail, Seattle. “What this does is provide us with another tool to do business with and also allow us to put more focus on other customer service issues.

“What we wanted was to provide a mechanism to our retailers that would make it easier for them to do business with us. It gives them better service and provides a new tool allowing them to facilitate their transactions. And for us it gives us the ability to be more efficient.”

Gilmer expects that the site will lead to a reduction of customer service calls made to reps.

“This is a relationship business and we have always prided ourselves on having a quality sales force,” he said. “I think it will allow some of our reps to be more self-sufficient and efficient by having all these tools in an electronic format and not having to wait for things to be mailed to them.”

Pacific Trail has several hundred sporting, specialty and outdoor goods retailers that carry its products.

Gilmer would not disclose the cost of the Web site, but described it as being a “significant” amount.

Retailer customers entering the password-protected www.pacifictrailb2b.com are able to preview products and features, place orders, check availability and order status, and research order history.

The site offers an online catalog that includes products from the Pac Tech and Inside Edge collections, as well as Black Dot snowboard apparel brand. The site features real-time transactions, digital product images and shopping cart-style order placement.

Pacific Trail worked with application service provider CobWeb, Bellevue, WA, to develop the site.

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