Pacific Coast Feather Makes the Bed With iPost E-Mail

Bedding manufacturer Pacific Coast Feather rests easier after adopting e-mail services firm iPost for promotions on its bedding.

The software from iPost , Novato, CA, aids Pacific Coast Feather’s entry into e-mail by personalizing the content for more targeted blasts.

“I’ve had tremendous success in the past with e-mail [at other companies],” said Perry Sjogren, e-commerce manager for Pacific Coast Feather, Seattle. “It costs very little to run, and there are positive sales from it.”

Pacific Coast Feather makes feather beds, down comforters, bedding protectors and pillows. The company sells through its Web site as well as in retailers like Marshall Fields, Carson Pirie Scott, Sears Canada, and Costco.

Pacific Coast Feather’s e-mails go to customers who bought from the firm or who opted in on the company’s site at Mr. Sjogren said that site visitors who opt in are the best way to obtain e-mail addresses for newsletters.

E-mails are sent at the start of the month offering exclusive promotions. Just before the promotion expires, a follow-up reminder goes to those who have not taken advantage of the deal.

Also, survey e-mails let customers comment on their satisfaction with the Web site and provide input about new products.

Pacific Coast Feather’s personalization includes a salutation and relevant products based on the customer’s past purchases. The e-mails are both text and HTML based and take the customer directly to the Web site through links.

Pacific Coast Feather is using e-mail in conjunction with the MarketLive e-commerce platform. MarketLive is a partner of iPost, so the systems are integrated and e-mails can be tracked and measured. The e-mails have shown results.

“The very first mailing that we sent out for them brought in about $11,000,” said Greg Fox, chief operating officer at iPost. “We are providing full service from production to delivering and tracking.”

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