Overstock.com launches “25 Days, 25 Deals” promotion

Overstock.com launched its “25 Days, 25 Deals” holiday promotion this week. Each day from December 1 to Christmas, the site will post a new sale in an effort to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

“You always want to get people visiting your site as much as possible,” said Stormy Simon, SVP of marketing and customer care for Overstock. “So having a new deal each day will help us accomplish that.”

Simon added that the effort is focused both on customer retention and acquisition.

“Our loyal and avid shoppers love it when we present a deal to them, but we also like to acquire new customers by showing them something snazzy at a price they can’t refuse,” she said.

Simon added that Overstock is promoting the campaign through online banners and site takeovers on properties like TMZ.com, which it took over on November 30. The company also uses organic, but not paid, search marketing, she said.

Overstock also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, where it touts its daily specials.

Two years ago, Overstock did a similar “12 days of Christmas-type” promotion and 25 Days, 25 Deals is an extension of that, said Simon.

She explained that Overstock is also reaching out to members of its e-mail database to drive traffic to the site for the promotion. Visitors have the option to sign up to receive e-mails from Overstock, but Simon said the effort isn’t specifically focused on database growth.

“We’re more focused on user engagement,” she said.

Overstock also held a Cyber Monday promotion, when it had one-day-only discounts on products, including camcorders, DVDs, digital cameras, toys, jewelry and clothing. Its other holiday promotions include the “Hybrid Holiday Sweepstakes,” in which Overstock will give away a Toyota Prius every week this month. Users can enter once per day.

The company is also conducting the “Monthly Family Bailout.” Each month, Overstock pays $10,000 to one family’s bills or debt. However, this month, it is giving away $25,000.

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