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Doritos Battle in a bag / Single business

Agency: Proximity/BBDO Canada
Client: Frito Lay Canada

Doritos wanted to ignite the appetites of young snack eaters with their new Doritos Collisions brand, in which complimentary flavors such as blue cheese and hot wings are combined in one bag creating a “Battle in a Bag.” Giant screens were placed on billboards to play a commercial featur­ing a humorous fracas between an All-American cowboy, representing the hot wing flavor, and an enthusiastic Frenchman, representing the blue cheese flavor. Billboard viewers were prompted to text “blue” or “wing” in support of either “blue” or “wing.” Either character reacted in real time to the texts by performing a programmed fight move. A response prompted texters to visit the Doritos Web site and were driven to Facebook, where they could add their own fightin’ words.

VP, Creative Director
John Gagne

VP, Group Creative Director
Ian McKellar

Associate Creative Director
Jon Webber
Ari Elkouby

VP, Associate Creative Director
Patrick Scissons
Mark Mason

Interactive Designer
Lanny Geffen

Dena Thompson

Post Production Producer
Hilda Pereira

Interactive Producer
Grace McCann


Escape from everyday life / Single consumer

Agency: Proximity Germany GmbH
Client: Kleine Fluchten Travel Agency

Travel agency Kleine Fluchten wanted a unique and effective way to reach hard-working busi­nesspeople who don’t often treat themselves to a proper vacation. Elevators in selected corporate buildings were outfitted to look like gondolas. Riders were afforded a panoramic view of the mountains as they were enticed to visit Kleine Fluchten’s Web site and “Escape from everyday life.” Snowboards and gondola hand rails in the elevators created an authentic experience.

Art Director
Sabrina Mueller, Julia Motinova

Senior Copywriter
Greta Kuelker

Monika Mocher, Julia Stelzner

Dead end job / Single consumer

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: Academic Excellence

How many parents dream of their child growing up to become the guy wearing a sandwich board and handing out flyers on a street corner? Not many. So, Academic Excellence wanted to reach parents of children who were struggling in school. Flyer-wielding, sandwich board-clad messengers were placed around New Zealand schools displaying the question, “Worried Your Son Will End Up With A Job Like Mine?” The flyer promoted Academic Excellence’s computer programs and tools that give children who had fallen behind in school a chance to catch up. The messengers were put in place at the end of the school term, when parents are very aware of their child’s academic performance.

Creative Director
Dave King

Deputy Creative Di­rector
Tony Clewett

Production Manager
Paul Pritchard

Marketing Director
Frank Mulipola


HarvesTED — The Trials

Lion Nathan

Executive Creative Director
Warren Brown

Creative Director
Chris James

Dustin Lane

Art Director
Shane Bradnick
Luke Hawkins

Carla Robertson

Production Manager
Clint Bell

Take Me Home
M&C Saatchi/Mark

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

Art Director
Susan Dearn

Mitch Alison

Head of Copy
Hamish Stewart

Creative Director
Gavin McLeod

Mailbox DVD Player
Rapp New Zealand


Executive Creative Director
Wayne Pick

Head of Copy
Kim Pick

Art Director
Rob McDowell

Bibi Bliekendaal

Cliff Li

Production Manager
Marcel de Ruiter

Season of the Story­teller Posters
Rodgers Townsend

The St. Louis Black Reper­tory Company

Creative Director/Writer
Erik Mathre

Art Director
Michelle Vesth

Sam Schmiz

Production Manager
Tami Stawar

Production Artist
Evan Willnow

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