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Ostroy thanks DMers for support

As many of you know, my family and I suffered a tragedy Nov. 1 with the death of my wife. Adrienne’s killing was brutal and shocking, leaving us devastated and searching for answers. But there are no answers – at least, none that make any sense. So we grieve, and continue on with our healing process, and hope that someday life once again will bring us joy. I am seeing signs that it will.
I want to thank all the people who reached out with their thoughts, prayers and condolences. It was, and still is, this outpouring of love and support from family, friends and industry colleagues that has been a tremendous source of comfort and strength. It’s meant so much to me. It is because of all of you that we’ve been able to begin to come to terms with this tragedy and embark on the road to recovery.
People often ask, “How do you recover from something like this?” But you do. One has to. Despite what’s happened, I still recognize all that’s good in life that we’ve been fortunate to experience, and from this horror will come many positive things.
I’d like also to say I’ve been touched by the level of support for the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, which we created in Adrienne’s honor to advance her passion for women filmmakers. Through her work in film, and now the foundation, she leaves behind an enduring legacy. Our Web site at http://www.adrienneshellyfoundation.org/ describes the organization’s mission and provides an online donation option. The more awareness and funds that we generate, the greater our overall impact will be.
Though I’ve been doing work from home for some time now, being back in the office has been an important step in moving forward. I once again am focusing my energies full time on continuing to operate and expand our list and strategic services company, to do what I absolutely love to do.
In my absence, my partner Donna Belardi, executive vice president Brian DeLaite and the 45 other members of the Belardi/Ostroy ALC family held it all together in fine fashion. I am proud and honored to be associated with each one of them. And I’m also happy to say that November was our best sales and profit month in our company’s almost 10-year history.
I look forward to working with my many friends on the various industry initiatives I was previously involved with, and to seeing you all soon. Thank you again, for everything.

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