Orville Redenbacher’s augments reality with Facebook game

Popcorn brand Orville Redenbacher’s launched a Facebook game on Dec. 28 that features augmented reality. The brand worked with its digital agency of record, Possible Worldwide, on the game.

The “Pop Cam” game drops virtual popcorn kernels that consumers can catch in their mouths via their computer’s webcam. Consumers earn points for each kernel they catch, and the game ends when consumers miss a certain amount of kernels. Consumers without a webcam are unable to play the game. 

Orville Redenbacher’s will be promoting popcorn’s health benefits via messages that will be displayed as a user plays the game, said Jonas Paretzkin, manager of interactive marketing at ConAgra Foods, parent company of Orville Redenbacher’s.

The goal of the initiative “is really to engage consumers in a deeper way with the intrinsic health benefits of popcorn,” Paretzkin said. “Popcorn as a snack isn’t really top of mind these days for consumers, so we wanted to make sure popcorn became top of mind again.”

The game is geared towards moms of teenage children whose families are heavy snackers and eat a variety of salty snacks, such as popcorn, Paretzkin said.

Consumers can share the game via Facebook. Each share will feature a link to the game, a popcorn-related health message and a photo of the consumer taken while they played the game. Paretzkin said the inclusion of the consumer’s photo would help the post stand out in their friends’ News Feeds.

Consumers are not required to “like” the Orville Redenbacher’s Facebook Page to play the game, Paretzkin said, and the games does not feature an email opt in.

Paretzkin said that Orville Redenbacher’s is tracking game plays and shares.

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