Oreo partners with celebrity chefs to create “Snack Hacks” videos series

If there’s one thing that gets people talking on social, it’s food. And possibly no brand gets that better than Oreo, which is now partnering with three celebrity chefs to create a series of videos with innovative Oreo uses.

Under its #SnackHacks campaign, Oreo has been crowdsourcing ideas on creative ways to eat an Oreo cookie and turning them in to Vines and GIFs. This has resulted with a whole range of Oreo ideas, such as putting the cookie in a pepper mill to create sprinkles, and dunking mini-cookies with a French press.

Oreo is now extending that idea by taking it to the pros. it’s partnered with three celebrity chefs, Michael Voltaggio (Ink restaurateur), Roy Choi (“L.A.’s Street Food King”) and up-and-comer Nguyen Tran (of Starry Kitchen) and asked them to come up with innovative ways to use Oreos in gourmet recipes. The recipes are filmed for a video series on YouTube.

Here’s how Roy Choi used golden Oreos to make chicken tenders.

It’s a clever way for Oreo to get the amateur chefs among us excited to try something new, plus the campaign yields plenty of great content it can use across its Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr channels

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