OrderMotion unveils major upgrade

Multichannel commerce services provider OrderMotion Inc. today released the largest upgrade in its 10-year history to its on-demand direct commerce solution.

The enhancements to OrderMotion version 9.0 will enable multichannel merchants to gain tighter control of their accounting and customer reporting, giving them the ability to take sales to the next level, according to the company.

“My favorite feature is the new accounting functionality,” said Neil Kugelman, CEO of the jewelry Web site Goldspeed.com, which has been using OrderMotion 9.0 for the past month. By enabling the accounting department to drill deeper into the data down to the order and item level, “it makes it much easier as far as reconciling journal entries, bank statements and credit card statements,” Mr. Kugelman said.

The new buyers report also got a good review. For example, when doing future purchase projections, “you can drill down into the most minute detail, down to the vendor or being able to compare the previous cost of goods,” Mr. Kugelman said. Since the price of precious metals change daily, “it is crucial to have this information at our fingertips,” he said.

Other enhancements include the ability to post items to eBay, process eBay orders and revise, re-list or cancel an auction from the OrderMotion application.

Order Motion, Boston, has also added a retail hierarchy report and a gross margin report. The three reports taken together are designed to provide different views of product performance.

OrderMotion’s warehousing tool has been expanded with improved location management and new auto-replenishment. The taxation function has also been enhanced and now records tax amounts at a more granular level for improved financial tracking and tax reporting.

Finally, the entire user interface has been upgraded.

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