Oracle updates cross-channel marketing solution

Oracle yesterday announced enhancements to its B2C Program Orchestration product, a customer experience-based campaign management solution.

Program Orchestration enables marketers to manage a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, including email, mobile, display, and social using real-time behavioral data. The new enhancements are intended to increase the solution’s sensitivity to customer triggers and reduce the pre-configured elements of the customer journey.

“Customer journey,” according to Oracle, “often implies a linear path that isn’t an accurate reflection of how people live. Customers move in highly unstructured, unpredictable ways. They get new jobs, new friends, new friends, new interests and new challenges.” A customer journey management tool making binary decisions based on “fleeting” engagement data, or even relying on data which is hours or days old, is insufficiently responsive to real life behavioral patterns.

Updates to the Oracle product are designed to increase the customer’s ability to determine his or her own path. They include:

  • Event switches: real-time behavioral triggers which determine the next interaction or message.
  • Social advertising: social ads incorporated into the customer journey using Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Experience testing: metrics across channels at each stage of the journey.
  • Integrated content marketing: personalized content leveraged from Oracle Content Marketing.

Said Chris Lynch, Oracle’s senior director for product marketing: “The new features we’re announcing to Program today help marketers adapt faster based on real-time behaviors, preferences and interactions performed by their customers.”

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