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Oracle launches customizable analytics dashboard for its Social Relationship Management platform

Taking a page from its marketing cloud rival Adobe, Oracle is launching a customizable analytics dashboard for its Social Relationship Management platform.

The new dashboard, titled “Social Station” allows different categories of users to customize the type of social media analytics they want to see on a regular basis. Using a simple drag-and-drop functionality, social media marketers can create a portfolio of modules containing the metrics that matter most to them. This allows users the flexibility to monitor conversations by network, stream, metric, graph type, date range, and relative time period.

For example, a community engagement manager who is focusing on building local engagement can set up the Social Station to display metrics for fans in a particular location, age range or gender. On the other hand, a marketer within the same company who wants to track only the activity surrounding a hashtag campaign can set up the modules to display data for a specified date range. In this way, each user of the platform can personalize the metrics they immediately want to have access to.

Here’s a screenshot of what a customized dashboard looks like:

In addition to the customizable metrics, Social Station also allows all the members of a social media marketing team to share reports, approve content and collaborate while working on integrated campaigns.

“We constantly evolve our products to give our customers a competitive edge, and Social Station delivers a dynamic UX that drives productivity and social business results,” said Meg Bear, group vice president, Oracle Social Cloud “By making it easier than ever to understand, report, and share social insights across the enterprise, we are enabling our customers to move at the speed of social to align and impact business metrics and strategy.”

We’ve seen Adobe already offer customizable modules in its marketing solutions. In addition, it has created a uniform interface across several of its integrated platforms, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Social. In this way, it can promote a unified experience for marketing team members performing different functions. Customizable dashboards are also being offered by top standalone social media management platforms such as Spredfast and Sprinklr.

While Oracle might be a little late to the customized metrics party, it says it plans to build out even more choices for metrics and modules, including content curation, influencer engagement, and command center creation. More options isn’t necessarily better, as it tends to complicate things for most marketers looking for quick analysis. In fact, it’s a common criticism for Adobe’s marketing products. Oracle has an opportunity to prove its value by making sure it keeps its user-interface simple and highlighting its ease-of use compared to other social media management tools.

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