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Oracle integrates BlueKai, reveals enhanced customer segmenting and targeting capabilities

Yesterday, Oracle revealed the much anticipated integration of customer data platform BlueKai into its Marketing Cloud solutions.

Oracle bought BlueKai back in February, so it’s impressive to see its capabilities integrated with Oracle’s automation platforms Responsys and Eloqua within the space of four months.

With the Blue Kai integration, users will be able to utilize its customer data to build look-alike models, helping them identify and capture new customers. More importantly, this is now an automated workflow, meaning the segmentation and matching doesn’t need to be performed by the marketer.

By adding personas into the automation software, marketers can now deliver content at the right time to the people it is most relevant to, across a wide array of digital channels, including the website, email, social and mobile.

For mobile in particular, Oracle has introduced push-messaging capability through Responsys, which basically enables the marketer to send a campaign message via the brands mobile app.

“B2C customers, increasingly are on mobile, and we want them to get their messages and campaigns,” said Kevin Akeroyd, general manager of oracle Marketing Cloud. “Native is where real engagement comes, and we didn’t think SMS cut the mustard.”

Akeroyd said the messaging could become even more potent when the mobile user’s habits can be identified using BlueKai’s data. “If we stitch in BlueKai, we would be able to see how much attention a customer pays to mobile, and stop bombarding him with 700 email messages instead.”

In addition to the BlueKai integration, Oracle has also improved the user experience for its content creation tools, enabling users to preview the responsive design of a piece of content and see how it looks across multiple devices before deploying. It has also added a marketing calendar to coordinate activities from all the tools in the marketing cloud.

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