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Oracle Eloqua partners with Leadspace to enable lead targeting through social data

Following its partnership with Marketo, San Francisco-based B2B lead targeting platform Leadspace is now integrating with Oracle’s Eloqua marketing automation solution.

The partnership will allow Eloqua users to identify and target B2B customers through the Leadspace platform, which pulls in data from multiple channels such as social media, online forums and press releases to create a single, informed view of a potential customer. This gives Eloqua marketers an enriched, constantly updated database of leads, who can be tracked across the web for buying signals.

“With the Leadspace plus Eloqua solution, marketers can efficiently tap into the vast and valuable data on the social web in real-time to build a 360 degree profile of prospective buyers within a single, simple dashboard,” says Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. “This allows marketers and sales to engage with prospective customers across all channels within a single solution – launching email campaigns, nurturing streams, social advertising – the options are endless.”

While most B2B lead generation tactics gain surface level information about a lead, (i.e. name, job title and email address,) with Leadspace, marketers can pull in all the other data a customer won’t necessarily fill out in a form. The Leadspace APIs connect information pulled from an online form to a customer’s other online activity, such as social media networks, their interests, which conferences they’ve attended, and which blogs they’re commenting on. In essence, instead of having to Google, search and record information on a potential customer, the platform instantly does it for the user, updating it in real time.

“Most importantly, Leadspace also has a semantic understanding of job titles,” says Bewsher. “For example, if it found a VP of operations, the platform would be able to see if he or she also had skills around advertising, and determine that they would probably be in marketing operations.”

For Oracle, the integration gives its B2B marketing customers a large data repository for one-to-one marketing. It complements its earlier acquisition of consumer data platform BlueKai, which similarly connects customer data across multiple sources, but does it for anonymous consumers, segmenting them into groups and identities based on their online behavior. With BlueKai providing data for consumer focused marketing and advertising campaigns, Leadspace performs a similiar function for the B2B marketers in Oracle’s Marketing Cloud.

In addition to Marketo and Oracle, Leadspace also integrates with Salesforce’s CRM platform. It currently has a roster of 60 customers, which includes fellow marketing tech platforms Badgeville and Kenshoo.

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