Oracle Data Cloud Floats Into View


In the latest of what has been a string of new marketing products, Oracle this week announced the formation of the Oracle Data Cloud, which will offer separate Data as a Service applications for marketing and social media. Central to each of these BlueKai hybrids is presenting marketers with single views of customers across all channels and derivations.

“Marketers lack a common identifier of the customer. They have cookies and email and social engagement. They generally see 17 different variants and they can’t put them together,” says Oracle Data Cloud GM Omar Tawakol. “We give them a single identifier to tell them what a customer is doing, reading, and buying. And it’s vendor agnostic. It can be integrated into several hundred platforms—Salesforce, IBM, Acxiom, not just Oracle.”

Oracle DaaS for Marketing gives subscribers access to a diverse array of anonymous user-level data across offline, online, and mobile data sources. Its social media product delivers categorization and enrichment of unstructured social and enterprise data, along with intelligence on customers, competitors, and market trends.

Oracle’s Data Cloud automatically attaches rights and privacy protocols to customer files. “Say, for instance, a company gives you rights to only use certain customer data for display advertising. If you plugged that into your system for an email campaign, it wouldn’t let you,” says Tawakol. “The same goes for privacy compliance.”

Oracle claims its DaaS for Marketing gives users access to more than 300 data and activation partners, and that the social media version derives insights from more than 700 million daily messages across some 40 million social media and news sites.

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