Oracle allows integration of CRM and MDM systems

Oracle clients are now able to integrate data between Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 and Oracle Customer Hub.

Users of CRM software Oracle PeopleSoft will now be able to deploy Oracle Customer Hub’s master data management (MDM) tools. Available MDM capabilities include data quality management, data enrichment and customer mastering. All data between the two systems can be updated and synchronized in real time.

“Our customers have been realizing that having one gigantic application with all the data inside it is a mess,” said Pascal Laik, VP of MDM product strategy for Oracle, “and their enterprise application architecture is composed of multiple silos of data. To achieve consistency in this siloed environment, they need to have a consistent view of this customer data. So to achieve that single view of the customer, they need to integrate their CRM applications and MDM.

“We do offer both solutions, so by offering the integration between both, we are solving a key issue: bringing consistency in a siloed environment to those customers,” he continued.

Laik refused to name specific clients of the service. He did say that Oracle is targeting the financial services, telecommunications, high-tech and manufacturing verticals with this service, as well as the public sector.

A key component of the integration is that it allows customers to more easily cleanse customer information and remove duplications across the systems. It also allows cross-enterprise data sharing and consolidated data management.

Additional functionalities of the integrated systems include enhanced “fuzzy” search, the process of predicting related keywords, in PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, real-time duplicate prevention and merging and real-time and batch customer data enrichment. Clients will also be able to integrate third-party data hubs and tools with the Oracle system.

“Clearly it [the integration] would boost their CRM ROI because it will provide them with clean customer data,” Laik concluded. “And when you base your CRM applications on clean data you are really boosting your CRM ROI on different dimensions — on sales, up-sales, cross-sales, customer satisfaction and retention.”

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