Optimizely now offers A/B testing for mobile apps

Web optimization platform Optimizely is extending its capabilities to mobile apps, and introducing a new pricing structure.

Optimizely, which is one of the industry’s most widely used A/B testing platforms will now offer optimization tools for mobile apps. This would allow users to test customer experiences across a variety of interaction channels, including the website, iOS and Android apps.

“Experience optimization enables companies to easily and quickly create, A/B test, and deliver better experiences to their customers,” says Dan Siroker, co-founder and CEO of Optimizely. “For Optimizely, extending this capability to mobile apps is an essential step in creating a multichannel platform that will be a defining characteristic of how web and mobile teams operate now and in the future.” 

The news comes out on the same day that Optimizely’s biggest competitor, Adobe launches a slew of updates for its own mobile marketing solutions.

In addition, Optimizely announced a new pricing structure for its platform. It will now offer a free Starter Plan, as a gateway to and in addition to a customizable Enterprise Plan.

Here’s a video of Optimizely’s new mobile optimization tools in action:

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