Optimizely Introduces Personalization


Personalized experiences with news feeds, social networks, and the like have pushed today’s consumers to expect—nay, demand—a digital experience geared toward them. To quench consumers’ thirst for personalization, A/B testing company Optimizely recently announced the release of Personalization.

Optimizely Personalization aims to help companies personalize their websites and mobile experiences via democratizing personalization duties by ixnaying the technical expertise associated with the chore.

“We built Optimizely Personalization because we saw an opportunity to reinvent an old idea and make it accessible and usable for all,” said Wyatt Jenkins, Optimizely VP Product, in a blog post. “Optimizely launched five years ago with the goal of making it easy for anyone in the world to do A/B testing and turn data into action. Personalization is the next step on this journey.”

In addition to tailored content, Optimizely Personalization aims to let users:

  • Discover meaningful audiences among visitors to generate hypotheses for personalization.
  • Target visitors in real time based on their actions on the site and their information.
  • Create compelling experiences tailored to the Web and mobile audiences.
  • Measure the impact of the changes made for each audience.

The tool is built on the Experience Optimization Platform, so users can take advantage of Optimizely’s other integrations.

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