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DoubleDutch provides white-label applications for single events or multiple events.

Features include branded, customizable agendas, personalized agendas for attendees, integration with event registration systems and social media profiles, embedded surveys and polls, and ability to send notifications to all attendees or groups of attendees.

Built-in social features including posts, comments, and likes. There are also gamification elements, such as a leader board of attendee activity and a customizable badge system, as well as monetization features, including promoted messages, a sponsor directory, and branded splash pages for sponsors.

Analytics include attendee interest metrics, individual session metrics, app interaction metrics, and more.

Ranges from $9,000 to $16,000 per event.

Jane Koenecke, VP of creative communication and events at Interstate Batteries, has been using DoubleDutch since November 2013. 

How do you use it?
We used it for our Interstate Batteries convention in April, which had about 1,800 attendees, so it’s a really big deal for us.

We put all of the event information into the DoubleDutch app, including the agenda and information about training sessions, speakers, meals, and travel. We also included notes, surveys, and maps.

It was very easy to enter all of that information into the app. It’s basically a pull-down menu.

We emailed links to download the app to all attendees. They could also go to the app store and search for our Interstate Batteries branded DoubleDutch app. Then the app just resides on everyone’s smartphone or tablet, and they can log on and use it as they like.

We made announcements in the main conference sessions letting people know where to go if they had problems with the app or if they just needed to talk with someone about how to download it.

We also had a live help desk on-site with a DoubleDutch representative and members of my team. We were thrilled with the representative we had.

A few people had some problems with the app, but for the most part it the experience was flawless.

How does it serve your business needs?
The app allows our people to get more engaged. Overall, the ability of our attendees to connect on-site and afterwards has grown tremendously with this tool.

Conference attendees include distributors and their employees. Many drive trucks hauling big batteries all day, so they often feel like they’re all on their own. At the convention, they get to meet other people who do the same thing. It was huge for them to have a collaboration vehicle like this app.

Office and warehouse managers also attend the conference. They might only have four to 10 people on their team, and each one is doing something a little different. So it’s also great for them to connect with people in a similar role, and those connections have became much bigger with the app.

Normally, conference attendees have to wait two years before they see each other again, but because of the app they’re staying in touch. They’re using the app to continue chatting.

One of our underlying goals for the conference was to help integrate our new purpose and values statement, so we built a whole section on that in the app. It was an awesome way for us to reinforce our culture and make it real for people.

We have a Salesforce account, and we’ve used its Chatter product, which is similar to DoubleDutch, though we have not had as much engagement with Chatter as we had with DoubleDutch.

Our attendees loved DoubleDutch’s newsfeed, which has an Instagram type interface. They were taking a lot of photos and sharing them.

What are the main benefits?
It’s fun, encourages camaraderie, and helps keep us all aligned on the same messaging. It also helps reinforces our culture.

What would you like to see improved/added? 
We would like to figure out how to put some of the information we collected related to business topics into Chatter so we can capture it forever in Salesforce. We’ve been talking with DoubleDutch and Salesforce about how they can live together. They’re working to see what is possible.

We were really happy with DoubleDutch’s metrics and everything else about it.

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