Opportunities increase along with Internet-savvy Hispanic population

This winter, some marketers are getting a rare glimpse at a growth market: The US-based online Latino population. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, most regions of the US are experiencing a growth in Latino population, a population that Global Insight’s Hispanic Market Monitor says has a disposable income that is growing 8% per year. As a result, multiple firms are ramping up their efforts to better serve and better reach this audience online.

Agencies with US Hispanic compe­tencies welcome improvements to the consumer experience and the targeting products. The launches are timely, accord­ing to Maria Lopez-Knowles, SVP for MRM Worldwide. MRM has invested in a second-generation Hispanic practice.

“This market has come of age,” said Lopez-Knowles, “Of the 23 million online Hispanics, they spend more time online than non-Hispanics and are likely to own a home, be better educated and be wealthier than their offline Hispanic counterpart.”

This is why Terra made a significant investment in its US-based Latino pres­ence from a consumer perspective.

“These are the early adopters with the latest technology,” said Terra USA CEO Fernando Rodríguez. Terra had recently announced a major redesign of the portal that took place on January 7. Dubbed “The Atom Project,” the new look and feel offers a highly interactive experience.

“We are building a new Internet expe­rience,” said Fernando Madeira, general director of Terra Latin America. “Terra will become the natural destination to find out what is happening around the planet, anywhere people are.”

Terra also recently launched EZTar­getMedia, an ad network that reaches its network of 30 million users. The launch is an affirmation of the growth of both the US-based and Latin American markets.

“The ad network model has proven to be a serious business,” said German Herebia, regional online advertising sales director with Fox International Channels.

Another recent launch is Yahoo Publici­dad, a resource for online advertisers look­ing to better target US Hispanics. Armando Rodriguez, senior director of Global Partner Solutions for Yahoo, said that marketers can “see industry data including Internet usage figures worldwide and by country.”

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