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Opnix Elects to Use Low-Tech Marketing

Internet bandwidth provider Opnix Inc. shied away from e-mail marketing in favor of direct mail for its upcoming launch campaign because its high-tech target audience “doesn't take too kindly” to unsolicited e-mail.

“We're very concerned about spamming,” said Craig Anderson, director of marketing at Opnix, Phoenix. “We don't want to be seen in that light. We know the target audience we're trying to reach is very sensitive about e-mail marketing. Once they come to the Web site, they can opt in to receive additional information.”

Opnix will promote its services to chief technology officers and other decision makers through its “Simply Better Bandwidth” direct mail campaign dropping in October. The messaging is a call-to-action asking them to visit Opnix.com, which goes live this month. To get their attention, the piece will likely be wrapped in the same durable plastic wrapping that computer hardware, such as a motherboard, is wrapped in.

Once the recipient goes to the Web site, he has the option of participating in an online presentation of Opnix services. Along the way, he is asked about his needs and how Opnix can help him. As an incentive, the company plans to give respondents items such as a T-shirt, laser pointer and online currency.

The mailing will go out to a house list of 500 professionals in the Phoenix area. If the campaign is successful, it will be repeated as the company begins to offer its services in other cities.

“It's a simple, straightforward way to grab their attention and direct them to our Web site,” Anderson said.

The company had considered using the direct mail piece to drive recipients to a special presentation site, but decided it was a bad idea. “We decided to send them to Opnix.com,” Anderson said. “This way, if they don't want to participate in the presentation, they still the option of perusing the Web site itself.”

The site's official launch is slated for Nov. 1.

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