OpenNetwork Technologies Upgrades DirectorySmart

OpenNetwork Technologies, Tampa Bay, FL, introduced the latest version of its DirectorySmart software yesterday.

DirectorySmart 4.5 manages business security policies and secures Web applications through the following enhancements:

• Streamlined organizational management and deployment. Deploys Web services across multiple organizations.

• Multiple domain authentication. Allows users to sign on once for access to multiple Web services, even if the services are located on different domains.

• Security audit logging and reporting. Logs and reports on all requests to protected resources.

• Security alert. Alerts security personnel to numerous failed log-in attempts.

DirectorySmart 4.5 is compatible with all major operating systems, directory servers and Web servers. The average price for the software ranges from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on the number of servers on the network.

OpenNetwork has offices across the United States. Clients include Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bank One, Nielsen Media Research, IBM and GTE.

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