Opel Movano delivers brand impressions with banner ad

The Offer: The Opel Movano can move up to 3.5 tons and 2 GB. To raise awareness about the utility vehicle’s actual “utility” as a transporter of large loads of cargo, Belgium-based agency McCann Lowe created a Web banner that serves double duty as an advertising vehicle and a file transfer device: The banner “carries your stuff… across the Web.”

The Data: The Movano banner is similar to other secure online file sharing services such as YouSendIt or WeTransfer. Released in October, the banner “transported” more than 5,680 files across the globe in its first month online, and Movano collected email addresses along the way of people who used the file transfer device.

The Channel: The digital campaign uses online file sharing and email to broadcast the message of the Movano’s versatility. Once the file is uploaded through the banner, the addressee receives an email to access the download. While the file downloads, recipients are invited to learn more about the actual car.

The Creative: McCann Lowe’s goal was to create a banner campaign that was simple and practical. The interface is easy-to-use: Users click on the banner, upload a file up to 2 GB in size into the car’s virtual trunk, enter any email address and a digital Opel Movano transports the file to the specified inbox.

The Verdict:

Aaron Herrington is cofounder of and a partner at Modea Corp., a digital marketing agency in Blacksburg, Va. Modea has done work for Verizon Wireless, Newell Rubbermaid and Chiquita Brands, among others.

Just when we thought banner ads were going to be relegated to being the sketchy guy in a trench coat selling stolen watches on the street corner of the Internet, someone has proven it can be much more. This brand idea transforms 2 GB of data into countless unforgettable positive brand impressions.

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