Only 5 percent of broadband users use mobile Net: Media-Screen

Only 5 percent of U.S. broadband users use mobile Internet, according to a report by Media-Screen.

Although over 60 percent of users own an Internet-enabled mobile device, these consumers are reluctant to partake in online mobile activities due to the extra fees and difficulties establishing and maintaining Internet connections.

“It’s a laborious exercise to get to the content that the consumer is ultimately interested in consuming,” said Josh Krandall, managing director at Media-Screen. “Also, the cost of services impedes use in total and deters more widespread use.”

The Netpop report also reveals a significant gap between accessing the Internet on mobile devices and computers and the number of online activities performed through each. Users perform an average of 3.3 online activities on mobile devices, compared to 13.4 activities on a laptop or desktop.

Among broadband users, the most popular mobile activities are related to communications. Even though mobile is touted as the “third screen,” less than one in five users access news or television shows from a mobile device. However, this is likely to grow when pricing and packaging issues are improved.

According to the study, top mobile Internet activities are e-mail, which 47 percent of respondents access; gaming, which 27 percent of participants use; news, which 16 percent of respondents read; and TV, which 13 percent of respondents watch.

In addition, the study found that the marketing and advertising messages surrounding the mobile Internet do not resonate with most users.

Over half of respondents said that mobile Internet access does not fit with their lifestyle.

“I think that the marketers are overlooking key demographics,” Mr. Krandall said. “If you are not young or you are not an on-the-go businessman, then mobile Internet has not been marketed to you.”

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