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Onlinefulfillment.com Sees Higher Revenues From New Name and Software

Fulfillment portal Onlinefulfillment.com said this week the combination of a name change and new order-tracking software would help the firm double revenue this year from 1999’s total of more than $4.3 million.

The Plano, TX-based company, formerly Cargo Connection Inc., renamed itself last month to position its brand as the fulfillment industry shifts to the Internet. Onlinefulfillment.com also recently announced its I-Back system, which offers real-time inventory and delivery tracking.

Dino Antovoni, president of the firm, said the company’s marketing and technological changes would increase revenue because they would attract high profile clients. Among other national firms, Onlinefulfillment.com currently has Haggar Clothing Co. and The Dallas Cowboys on its customer roster.

Haggar, a Dallas-based retail firm, uses the fulfillment company to ship its merchandise promotion posters to over 40 regional in-store ad managers around the country. Andrea Huguely, visual merchandise manager for Haggar, said Onlinefulfillment.com's ordering system and nationwide string of warehouse partners has saved time for her company.

“No more fax machines and spread sheets and sending someone out to the warehouse to count stock,” she said. “The last fulfillment company did not do a good job for us. And there are fulfillment companies that charge less, but they usually aren’t as advanced as Onlinefulfillment.com. We can send our posters to dozens of cities from our desktops, track them, and they’ll get there faster than other services we could use.”

Onlinefulfillment.com’s I-Back system, with its real-time order tracking and other Internet-based management capabilities, has a description like many other emerging fulfillment services. However, the firm can also handle credit card authorization and call center duties and works with companies that are not on the Web as well.

“We feel like we can serve fulfillment needs as well or better than any other company like us out there,” Antovoni said.

A normal job order for his 3-year-old company entails more than 250,000 items shipped, which the company outsources to the lowest bidding fulfillment provider. Antovoni said his firm has large enough retail clients to dictate negotiations with fulfillment companies.

“We go to (fulfillment companies) and tell them what bid they need to get the job — and usually they’ll want the work, so they’ll go with it,” he said.

This contractual leverage allows Onlinefulfillment.com to offer retail vendors low fees, Antovoni said. “At that point, we under-promise and over-deliver, which comes back to effectively managing the fulfillment process for our customers.”

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