Online Ad Exchanges Come of Age

SAN FRANCISCO — Within a matter of months, several players have flocked into the Internet ad exchange space, providing a neutral ground where buyers and sellers can do business. For their troubles, the exchanges earn a varied commission.

The latest to the game is, which premiered its technology at @d:tech World here this week. The system provides sellers a place to post their inventory and buyers a place to negotiate and reserve ad buys.

Media Market Makers Inc., New York, announced its existence April 4 and will formally launch next month. Its system gives advertisers a place to match their campaigns with sites that reach their desired audience. A buyer simply creates a profile of the type of consumer they are trying to reach, then the system locates matching Web publishers that can put the ads on their sites. Web publishers receive an e-mail saying that the company is interested in running its campaign on their sites.

Yet another variation of the same theme, AdFlight, Belmont, CA, launched earlier in the year.

Regarding the influx of players to the field, Dennis Wong, chief operating officer at Media Market Makers said, “It's really moving to the next level where people are realizing there’s a need for a place that brings buyers and sellers together. The difference will be who solves the most problems and adds the most value for all parties.”

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