One-Stop Solution for Online File Sharing

Fullscope Inc. is expected to announce today the availability of its Service Delivery Architecture, which offers two programs for firms looking for an online workspace to share documents and communicate.

Companies can sign up for a free version of the service at that includes simultaneous file sharing for multiple workgroups, e-mail service, scheduling calendars and task lists.

Businesses can order a private, branded version of the workspace with firm logos and other customized design elements. Other optional features include project management and online conferencing. Also, the system allows firms to add their own software or other third-party programs to the workspace features.

Firms that add features beyond the free version can expect to pay a median setup cost of $5,000, according to the company. After that, customers are charged $5 to $10 per user each month.

Fullscope, Ann Arbor, MI, built SDA using third-party software. It judged software based on the companies' business models, market viability and quality of the applications.

Fullscope, formerly known as Workwired, plans to target nine markets with the service: engineering, business management and consulting, training, legal services, professional recruitment, accounting, public relations, advertising and information technology outsource firms.

Visit for more information.

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