One on One: Social is Ripe for Innovation says Rod Favaron

I sat down with Rod Favaron, Chairman and CEO of Spredfast at their Austin HQ, talks about how the social media space is evolving, about comparing marketing outcomes across channels, and about the increasing importance of conversational social channels Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Jim Rudden, Spredfast’s CMO, stopped for a chat after the meeting and offered some of his own thoughts on corporate responsibility in a social world.

“Social is a personal channel. It was personal before business showed up. Consumers expect a social interaction. Because it’s a personal medium, what we believe in, what principles we have, is important. If you’re in social, you’re going to have to declare yourself. We’re proud of what we’re doing on equal pay. 50% of Rod’s direct reports are women, which is pretty rare. We do still have a long way to go on racial diversity.”

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